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Updated 14 September 2022

Disclaimer is a publicly tested and developed website. This is not a final product meaning there are bugs, and safety concerns, so do not use your primary email, nor password. Learn more about (here) or get involved in project for Improving rules of


  • Content – anything published or proposed to be published including comments, reviews, and most of all ideas, projects, tasks, problems, and terms of cooperation
  • Publishing
  • Published
  • Author
  • Contribution
  • Rules
  • Individual Agreement
  • Volunteering – any form of contribiution
  • Citation – publishing someone else’s work should include the accreditation consisting of a link to the original content or commenting the source (e.g. “from Wikipedia”), but it is also allowed to publish something and (e.g., you can publish an image or a screenshot without a link, but with the information on the Author)
  1. Conditions
  2. Language: Children are allowed to use this website, so vulgar language is not allowed.
  3. Banned topics:
  4. This is not a commercial website: none charges nor fees are collected. It is maintained by voluntary contributions
  5. Banned topics: Abusive,
  6. User Generated Content:
  7. Moderation:
  8. Administration:
  9. Volunteering:
  10. Commenting:
  11.  no politics excluding legislation: discussion over law is allowed (includinghowcould it be different) , but endorsement of ideologies and parties
  12. Website offers free, unlimited access to everyone on the Internet
  13. Children are allowed to use this portal, so vulgar language, and abusive/sexual content are not allowed.
  14. Moderation claims the right to choose which content

user generated content

idea = any idea published by the User

User = individual or organization

Contributing = supporting

Defult license = creative Commons by attribution

Financial policy = tradocumentation of spendings

Further Improvements

We plan to modify this document:

  • Add documents for parents of underage Users
  • Add translations


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