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  • Current personalization services offer limited goods to print on
  • Companies, Musicians, and Youtubers who have their brand
  • A poster with the graphic you want can be printed at the local printing facility


What's the idea

  • Companies select multiple pens and choose different printing services to put their logo on by paying once using one website
  • Fans purchase designs from bands and have them embroidered or printed on any available cloth.
  • Schools order educational posters to be printed from a printing facility nearby
  • Artists sell their t-shirt designs
  • Flexibility in choice for prints on water bottles, coffee mugs, and pens. Anything is possible
  • Programers practice their skills and get a share of the commission from this website


What to do

  • software/website
  • API for Printing House suppliers and consumers to communicate
  • organization / administration / moderation
  • supply chain communication 



  • Zach Casey - copywriting improvements

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